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I'm Rowan; 18, mixed Odaawa Anishinaabe, intersectional feminist, introvert. I live in Canada. Ravenclaw 4 lyfe.


dont ask me for relationship advice because i will always just tell you to break up w/ them and throw their shit in a dumpster because i do not understand the concept of allowing anyone to treat you poorly this is a zero tolerance zone 

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i wish i was thinner but i also wish that i didn’t wish I was thinner

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I almost always feel bad about my writing so I will give this advice to myself too. My advice is keep writing anyway always and no matter what. What you have to say is important. Don’t cross things out so much that it’s impossible to reread them later. Write freely and don’t worry about if it sounds “bad or good”, worry about creating something that you feel is genuine and meaningful, worry about “is this an expression of my self?” Just write. Just keep writing. That’s my advice

I miss you so much, I wish you were here

My sister and my mom are the only two people I have EVER loved unconditionally and I will never miss somebody as much as I miss Cara today

expecteds replied to your post“I put my 2 weeks notice in today peace out starbucks”
oops fun fact: doing the same soon I think (they are actually screwed for summer um)
Omg u too? already?? damn I feel bad for Julianne. Why r u quitting?

I put my 2 weeks notice in today

peace out starbucks

I’m so fucking pissed off at everyone and everything