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I'm Rowan; 18, mixed Odaawa Anishinaabe, intersectional feminist, introvert. I live in Canada. Ravenclaw 4 lyfe.



attention new followers
I just noticed I got a few new follows from feminist blogs, and felt like I should let it be known that my feminism has a heavy focus on intersectionality! If your blog focuses centrally on mainstream or liberal feminism, my posts might not be for you. If you engage in tone policing or reblog/make posts that cater to men’s feelings as opposed to dismantling patriarchy, my blog is definitely not for you.

lmao u people need hobbies smh

lol um I do have hobbies… it’s just that none of them involve consorting w/ people who are passive about the dehumanization of minorities

but enough about me, let’s talk about your hobbies… which seemingly involve spending time rooting thru the feminism tag just to add comments like “u need hobbies” for no other reason than… what? to start shit w/ strangers on the internet? or did you honestly think I was gonna read that and go “omg! they’re so right!”, then take up crocheting and never have an opinion again

being told to “blow it out my ass” for suggesting that using resources meant to keep intravenous drug users safe to pierce ur nose is inappropriate #loveit

birdsofabutton replied to your post“birdsofabutton replied to your post“my mom had a heart attack… she’s…”
i think its time you win a million dollars like what the hell?
Right?? Like why is this happening… should I start going to church or something
is jesus mad at me
birdsofabutton replied to your post“my mom had a heart attack… she’s going to be okay, but…. shit.
holy shit is everything okay???
I mean, yeah, like physically, she’s recovering. She’s gonna stay in Alberta until her original return flight. But mentally I’m like… what the fuck?

my mom had a heart attack… she’s going to be okay, but…. shit

Cannot believe I actually have to say this but don’t!! follow!! my!! blog!! if!! you’re!! transphobic!!

revveries replied to your photo“tell me I’m pretty”
yr beautiful
aw omg ur an angel <3 


*sees a dog* *gasps loudly*

(via cowardlycat)